Working on a Game !     .. tested in Chrome

Heeeeeres Canvas





Mouse Click on Screen to Move Around

      Left Arrow       ( or a ):         Move Left / Stop Moving Left
      Right Arrow     ( or d ):       Move Right / Stop Moving Right
      Up Arrow         ( or w ):       Jump / Stand from Duck
      Down Arrow     ( or s ):       Duck
      Space:                                 Jump
          I have worked many years as a video game Animator.     Some of my greatest memories were the friendships created working back and forth with programmers.     With this project I am teaching myself programming.     I am not using a game engine.     I am building the game from scratch with HTML 5 and Javascript.     The initial stages have just been about getting a functioning game loop running with key and mouse interaction.     The backgrounds are still placeholder.     My next iteration will have shadows, vertical naviagation and updated collision behavior.     The entire process is about learning and making something Fun !

July 24 / 19
- a,s,d,f as alternate Arrow Key controls
- jumps when clicking above her head
- Running Jump

June 18 / 19
- allow arrow key presses on jump
- added jump land and break effects
- Pressing down on run she duck-breaks
- first collision test.. still buggy but she will break when she gets to Worlds End

June 9 / 19
- info table for stats and debug
- multiplane background test
- side arrows for additional navigation
- click on screen for various distance moves
- camera tracker follows girl

First Submit May 2019
- functioning game loop with idle, runs, breaks and pause