Working on a Game !     .. tested in Chrome

Heeeeeres Canvas





Mouse Click on Screen to Move Around
Arrow Keys..
      Left:         Move Left / Stop Moving Left
      Right:       Move Right / Stop Moving Right
      Up:           Jump / Stand from Duck
      Down:       Duck

Space:       Jump
          I have worked many years as a video game Animator.     Some of my greatest memories were the friendships created working back and forth with programmers.     With this project I am teaching myself programming.     I am not using a game engine.     I am building the game from scratch with HTML 5 and Javascript.     The initial stages have just been about getting a functioning game loop running with key and mouse interaction. I am currently working on the Running Jump.     There is still much to come.. Once all is operational I will be able to build great stories and missions.     The entire process is about learning and making something Fun !

June 18 / 19
- allow arrow key presses on jump
- added jump land and break effects
- Pressing down on run she duck-breaks
- first collision test.. still buggy but she will break when she gets to Worlds End

June 9 / 19
- info table for stats and debug
- multiplane background test
- side arrows for additional navigation
- click on screen for various distance moves
- camera tracker follows girl

First Submit May 2019
- functioning game loop with idle, runs, breaks and pause